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KPML Packers And Movers is one of the leading relocating companies in India. We are committed to provide the best relocation services to our clients. We offer services right from packing to unloading. Once hired our services, you will never feel the need of choosing others. We will be there to assist you in your each and every moment. We are well known for the quality and economical services that we provide to our clients. You just have to call us and we will be there to help you on time with our experienced team.

Our team of professional packers and movers can pick your consignment from pickup point and ensure that it reaches the destination safely. Our team is specially trained in packing, transporting, loading, unloading, uploading and managing goods. We ensure that we invest in the best people and vehicles, so that no harms come to the goods either in transit or in any way. We even offer insurance cover for the goods that we move, just in case of some unforeseen contingencies.

We use top quality packaging materials and our services include residential shifting, corporate shifting, vehicle shifting, Office space shifting, individual consignments and international shifting.









Shifting process

Whether you’re planning to relocate to a new place or move your stuff swiftly with minimal efforts, only professionals can perform this task efficiently, smoothly, & carefully. From a pin to an oversized & extra-loaded item, it doesn’t matter what sort of things you’re planning to relocate. The only thing that matters is that by whom you’re getting those valuable things moved.


We can’t imagine damage-free shifting without perfect packing. All the movables must be packed properly to keep them away from potential damages. Knowing that packing your goods on your own is itself a hectic task, you must rely on KPML packers & movers to prepare items for safe moves.

Whether you’ve planned to move within a city or a state, it is necessary to secure your items to avoid the risks of scratches & unnecessary mess. The packing process involves the usage of high-quality packaging material to pack all kinds of delicate as well as sturdy items for both long and short distance moves. Only trained packers are reliable to pack & move your belongings with the utmost care & convenience.

Loading & Unloading

Nothing is more worrisome & riskier than loading your movables directly on your own. The task of loading & unloading the packages is teamwork and it demands professional hands to load them safely & gracefully. For successful moves, availing packers & movers services makes it hassle-less & time saving to load and unload the goods to be moved with the best care & protection.

Let experts take the responsibility of handling your packages of varied sizes & accommodate them precisely in the moving vehicle. KPML packers & movers will provide full support for swift relocation of goods to the desired destination without any delay, damages, & discomfort.


As a trusted name in the industry, KPML Packers and Movers is engaged in providing safe and secured warehouse services. The facility available in our warehouse includes numerous loading docks, equipped with an ample amount of space for placing of materials at the time of receiving and shipping. Our professionals better understand that importance of freight safety while forwarding them to different locations. They are also aware of any damage to customers’ materials and the significance loss. This is why; KPML Packers and Movers take important safety measures for making sure to prevent any harm while transportation.


In our Transportation Service we have a diverse variety of services to choose from and we carry out country wide relocation through land, air or water transport as per the requirement of the clients. For road transportation service, we have a big and diverse fleet of many carrier vehicles like trucks, lorries, trailer beds, flat beds and many other vehicles that can help in transporting each and every item, from you small household goods like furniture to heavy industrial machinery, all of the commodities are moved by our carrier vehicles that are in excellent condition throughout the year. We pack the commodities in such a way that they can withstand small bumps that can occur during loading and unloading from the luggage car and remain damage free.


Once staff of trained packers & movers across city gets involved in your shifting, you can stay carefree about the safe relocation of all movables. After packing & loading your belongings carefully, those experts will make all necessary arrangements to ensure the safety of packages while being on the way to reach the new location.

With immense care & professionalism, the assigned packers & movers are extra cautious while moving fragile items like glassware, electronic appliances, brittle showpieces, etc. as they’re more prone to damages. The major advantage of getting your movables shifted by experts is safety, speed, & ease!


Last but not the least, after successful unloading of all movables, packers & movers would unpack the goods right at your place. The crew of moving service providers is also an expert at unloading & unpacking your stuff without causing any damage & nuisance.

Apart from just shifting, our packers & movers would not only load and unload goods but also help you arrange both small & large items on your request. After all, our professional shifting experts are trained to re-assemble all types of goods in the right way.

Our Services

KPML Packers and movers have maintained packing specialists who are well-trained in the art of perfect packing contents of any size, value, quantity, or fragility. While packing, we make sure that your item is packed safely and efficiently.

Packing and Unpacking

Packing services are as important as the transportation services in the relocation of homes and offices.

The safety of the items being transported depends a lot on the quality of packing services. Our packing specialists are well aware of the best and most suitable material for packing different items. Utmost care is taken while packing items to ensure total safety. Further, we also provide assistance in unpacking the items ones they reach your doorstep.

Household Shifting

We know how tough it can be to relocate your household items from one place to another. Shifting home can be a very tedious and exhausting work.

We offer world class household shifting and moving services to our clients and make sure that the whole process is as smooth and convenient for them as possible. Our huge experience and expertise in this field enables us to make the whole process trouble free and easy for you.

Local Shifting

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KPML Packers and Movers offers convenient and highly cost effective local shifting services to its customers. Apart from our inter-city shifting services, we also offer local moving packing services to our customers. We understand that the life in metro cities can be very hectic and the shortage of time is a common problem with everyone living here. Our local shifting and moving services help you in relocating your home from one part of the city to another part without troubling you much.

Office Shifting

Shifting of offices is a very common thing today. However, it is not as simple as household shifting.

We offer highly effective office shifting and moving services to our customers and make sure that the whole office relocation process is carried out conveniently. We conduct extensive planning and layout structuring to ensure that the transition is smooth and hassle free.

Insurance Services

Apart from moving packing services we also help our customers in getting the proper protection for their items that are being transported.

We can arrange for insurance documents and complete all the formalities on your behalf so that your goods get insured. This saves your time and money and provides proper insurance coverage to your goods.